Handover Ceremony of the Grant Aid Project for Effective Use of Biomass Fuel



  On July 30, 2015 the Ambassador of Japan Shigeki Sumi together with the President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti visited the Pascani village to participate in the Handover Ceremony of the Project for Effective Use of Biomass Fuel implemented as part of the grant aid for fiscal year 2013.
  As part of this project, a system for production of fuel (pellets) with high combustion efficiency from biomass (straw and stalks of wheat, and fruit trees, etc.) was introduced, and boilers fueled by such pellets were provided to a number of educational facilities (project amount: JPY 1.154 billion).
  As a result of this project heating systems were installed at public facilities reducing the fuel costs for each of them. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Moldova is also expected. Furthermore, the spread of these pellets as an alternative fuel is anticipated to contribute in strengthening energy security throughout the country.
  The President of the Republic of Moldova, H.E. Mr. Nicolae Timofti, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Mr. Ion Sula, and around two-hundred other participants attended the ceremony while also inspecting the boilers as well as other equipment provided.
  Moreover, in addition to the handover ceremony, an assistance programme for underprivileged farmers (2KR) marked its 15th anniversary. The programme has been implemented in Moldova since year 2000 and is one of the most successful and efficient programmes in the country as well as the world.
  The President made this handover ceremony a major priority, even though new parliament members were being elected in Moldova on the same day. During the ceremony, the President expressed sincere gratitude for the continuous support from Japan.