25th Anniversary of the Japan-Moldova Diplomatic Relations
Japanese Film Festival

Date: Friday, March 17, 2017 at 18:00
Venue: CC “ODEON” (55, Mihai Eminescu str, Chisinau)

** This Film Festival is held for 2 days -on March 17 and 18.

The Chef of South Polar (2009; 125 min)

Director: OKITA Shuichi
Original language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Romanian

In 1997, an 8 men research team arrived at Dome Fuji Station in Antarctica. The station is 1,000km away from the Antarctic coast. No animals and no virus can live there... Mr. Nishimura is a chef of the team. He misses his family in Japan, but he tries to make a delicious meal to make the members happy every day. The Captain of the team is addicted to ramen, the doctor tries to train to participate in a triathlon when he returns to Japan, and the young support member likes a telephone operator whom he has never met before... Various unique people have to live together for one and a half years. What will their curious lives be going in the South Pole?

CHIBI MARUKO CHAN (1990; 94 min)

Director: SUDA Yumiko, SHIBAYAMA Tsutomu
Original language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Romanian

As the second term commences, Maruko and her classmates return to their small groups. Maruko's group includes two naughty boys and Maruko is forced to be one of their subordinates. She seems to face a lot of pressure at school. As the school's athletic meet approaches, all the classmates are busy exercising. Maruko is no exception, although her laziness means that she is late sometimes. Maruko realizes that the two boys rival each other in everything they do, and that their friendship is deep and strong.

SHODO GIRLS!!! (2010; 121 min)

Director: INOMATA Ryuichi
Original language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Romanian

Satoko is a senior in high school. She is the captain of the calligraphy club and has won many awards for her works, however, the club is in a membership crisis. One day, a new teacher, Ikezawa, is assigned to the calligraphy club as its adviser. He puts up a performance calligraphy show to attract new members to the club. Another girl Kiyomi was deeply impressed by the show, and decides to have a similar performance to commemorate the closure of her father’s shop. In their town, many shops are being forced to close due to the long economic recession. The club’s first performance for Kiyomi ended in a disaster, but club members were surprised at the number of people who came to watch their performance. So Satoko, in an effort to revitalize their beloved hometown and cheer up the people living there, decides to organize a "Calligraphy Performance Contest." And so the day of the Contest arrives. Satoko and the club members perform together, their sincere passion for calligraphy and their earnest love for their hometown fill the stage, and a small miracle occurs.

* * * * * * * *


Fri., March 17  18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:20 The Chef of South Polar  
Sat., March 18  11:00 CHIBI MARUKO CHAN
13:00 SHODO GIRLS!!!
15:30 The Chef of South Polar