Order of the Rising Sun award ceremony for professor of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Univercity Mr. Volodymyr Rezanenko

On March 12 Ambassador Sumi participated in Order of the Rising Sun award ceremony for Volodymyr Rezanenko, professor of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.
During his speech Ambassador Sumi expressed his delight to be able tp present such an honorable award to professor Rezanenko, who for many years has been one of the most prominent researches of Japan in Ukraine and also a person who deeply respects Japanese traditions. Ambassador Sumi highly evaluated the contribution Volodymyr Rezanenko made to the development of Ukraine-Japan relations and to various spheres of Japan studies.
Mr. Rezanenko expressed his deep gratitude for the honor and said that he is determined to continue to funnel all his energy into research and education of the students majoring in Japan studies.
The solemn ceremony was also attended by Rector Viktor Ogneviuk, members of academic council and students of the university, and representatives of Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.

Ambassador Sumi, Rector Ogneviuk, professor Rezanenko

Ambassador Sumi's speech

During the award ceremony

During the award ceremony

Professor Rezanenko’s speech

The venue of ceremony

Group photo