1. COVID-19 News

Information for travelers to Japan 
Japan Visa Information Hotline : Tel +380-94-712-5129(Monday to Friday. 07:15-24:00 in Japan time)
For further details, contact us by email (

*Temporary suspension of "Business Track" and "Residence Track", "New entry into Japan from all countries and regions” etc. remain in effect for the time being. However, Japanese spouse, the Permanent Residents of Japan and Person who has the special reason may be permitted to apply for Visa. Please send us email ( to confirm the details.
*No travelers are permitted to enter into Japan and allowed to board the aircraft without Negative Certification of COVID-19.
*Ukraine is subject to the country with community transmission of COVID-19 variants of concern on 26 March. All travelers including Japanese Nationals need to quarantine in the accommodation of Japanese government for at least three days after their arrival in Japan and take COVID-19 test again. This measure will be in effect from 00:00 on 29 March in Japan time. (Details are available here )
  • Main Procedures for the entry into Japan
    • Submit Negative Certification of testing for COVID-19 (Official Format: Word/PDF (Sample))
        *Important Announcement from Ministry of Health regarding the submission of Inspection Certification ( Japanese / English )
        *Medical Clinics listed can prepare for the official format set by the Japanese Government. If you can't test at the Medical Clinics recommended, you can find lab from the Ukraine official test lab list here. But all are a part of your responsibilities.
        *You need to take PCR test within 72 hours prior to your departure from Ukraine.
        *No travelers are allowed to enter into Japan without negative certificate of .
    • Test at the airport
    • Quarantine in the accommodation of the Japanese government (Applying from 00:00 on 29 March in Japan time)
    • Submit Written Pledge
        *In case of violation, Foreign nationals may be subject to the revocation of status of residence and procedures for deportation. (Sample : Japanese / English ) 
    • ​Submit the questionnaire.
        *You can get QR code in advance here.
    • Install the COVID-19 contact tracing Apps (Details) and Retain location data for 14 days after returning to Japan via the map application(Details)
        *You must carry your smart phone with you to install the apps, otherwise you need to rent it at the airport by yourself.(Details)
  • References
    • Information from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
        *Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 : Japanese / English
        *Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel :Japanese / English
        *Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel : Japanese / English
    • Information from Ministry of Health of Japan
        *Border enforcement measures
    • Immigration Services Agency of Japan, Information Center ( Japanese / English )
        *email :
        *tell : From out of Japan 03-5796-7112 / From Japan 0570-013904

2. General Information for Visa