Handover ceremony of the Project under the 2016 Grassroots Programme «The Project for Equipping Brovary City Social Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities»


Letter of Appreciation to the Ambassador and his wife (right: President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko)

Handover ceremony

First Lady Maryna Poroshenko and Ambassador Sumi cutting the rope of the new elevator

Bus granted under the Project

With the First Lady

In memory of the Children’s Day

  On June 1st, 2016, Ambassador Sumi with his wife and the wife of the President of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko visited the Brovary Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities and held the handover ceremony of the Project for Equipping Brovary City Social Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities, a project under the 2016 Grant Assistance for Human Security Projects of the Kusanone Programme for Ukraine. The aid consisted of a fully equipped bus and an elevator.   
  At the beginning of the ceremony Maryna Poroshenko expressed her happiness regarding the implementation of this important project taken up due to Japan-Ukraine cooperation, as well as her expectations in relation to the given aid. She hopes that this Project will expand opportunities for the pupils and further social support will lead to significant success in their lives. Ambassador Sumi underlined the importance of social mechanisms in society that will ensure the socialization and integration of children with special needs allowing them to play, learn and engage all children. Furthermore, Maryna Poroshenko with Ambassador Sumi and his wife inspected the elevator and the bus granted by the Japanese Government.
  The Handover ceremony was scheduled to coincide with the Celebration of Children’s Day for all participants – children, parents and social workers – to enjoy a joyous event.