Ambassador Sumi participated in the conference devoted to assistance to IDPs


Ambassador Sumi delivering a speech

During the conference

  On June 30, 2016 Ambassador of Japan Shigeki Sumi participated and delivered a speech at the conference “Crisis Response in Eastern Ukraine: How are Communities and IDPs Coping with Recovery and Integration?”, which was jointly organized by the International Organization for Migration and Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine. The conference was held to provide a platform for a dialogue between the people displaced from the conflict area, host communities, central and local authorities, as well as the international community and international organizations. Ambassador Sumi stated that Ukraine’s stability is important for the stability of the whole Europe. That is why Japan implements various types of support to strengthen the capacity of each Ukrainian and at the same time provides community-based assistance, namely the restoration of social facilities, which has a good impact on a regional level.