The Completion Ceremony of the Project for Strengthening Nuclear Security



  On May 28, 2015, Ambassador of Japan Mr. Shigeki Sumi participated in the Completion Ceremony of the Japan-funded Project for Strengthening Nuclear Security, which was held in the National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (NCS KIPT).
  Since 2011, Japan has provided around JPY 173 million for the establishment of the identification system of nuclear materials carried into the Institute during Soviet times, as well as the extension of the NCS KIPT perimeter protection system as a counter-terrorism measure.
  During the ceremony the Ambassador of Japan Mr. Shigeki Sumi and Director-General of the NCS KIPT Mr. Ivan Neklyudov unveiled the commemorative plate. Eight officials of the Institute, who contributed greatly to the project, received commendation certificates from the Ambassador. Moreover, during the speech Ambassador Sumi expressed hopes for increasing security measures at the Institute, as well as Japan’s intention to continue cooperative relationships with Ukraine. Mr. Ivan Neklyudov and other representatives of the Ukrainian side expressed sincere gratitude for Japan’s assistance with the project.
  Furthermore, other than Ambassador Sumi, Mr. Momiyama, Acting Director-General of Japan-Ukraine Committee on Cooperation for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, and Mr. Hosaka, member of the project team, participated in the ceremony from the Japanese side.