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Фотографія Посла
Ambassador Shigeki Sumi

  It is a great pleasure and honour to be the Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine. Upon my arrival in Ukraine on October 22nd, my wife and I found with great joy the golden domed churches and beautiful monuments of Kyiv welcoming us with the approaching winter. Ukraine is facing the greatest crisis since its independence and I would like to let you know that Japan firmly stands by the people and the Government of Ukraine while giving its utmost support.
  The Government of Japan's foreign policy towards Ukraine is based upon the following principles.
  First, the annexation of Crimea by Russia is a clear violation of the all norms of international law. Russia must stop all military intervention in any area of Ukraine. Second, the Japanese Government continues to provide economic assistance to make Ukraine rich and strong. After the Maidan protests, the Japanese Government pledged 1.5 billion US dollars in assistance, but recently on top of this assistance Japan made a new pledge of 7 million US dollars for the reconstruction of areas affected by the conflict.
  Japan, together with the International Community, imposed sanctions against Russia, believing that they will make Russia realize that intervention in the domestic affairs of Ukraine is not justified and is not acceptable. At the same time, Japan believes that dialogue with Russia is needed.
  In spite of the difficulties Ukraine is undergoing, I believe that except for the limited area of the East and Crimea, the general law and order situation in Ukraine is good and sound and I believe that Ukraine has a rich agricultural and industrial background which could be a great asset for its future economic development. The Embassy of Japan spares no efforts to help the Japanese business presence develop in Ukraine and I hope that the assistance offerd by the Japanese Government will lead to further investment from Japan.
  Kyiv is a beautiful city, rich in history and culture going back more than 1,000 years. Odesa and Lviv are examples of rich cultural heritage and I would like more Japanese people to visit Ukraine to see and understand the beauty of the country.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine
Shigeki Sumi
(Novemver 2014)

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